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Place: Uttam Career Institute Pvt Ltd

The Super Achievers

Adorable team.
Advanced approach.
Aggressive core team.
Awesome staff.
Awakened Faculty members.
and the result of this is....
Adrenalin continues.
and Ageing is immaterial for US.

UCI's Annual Seminar. moments to be cherished

Yogendra Uttam and Arunendra Soni two names, one organization i.e UCI, and passionate team = SUPER SUCCESS.

"तुम्हे जीतना ही होगा" ( A Motivational Book written Bhagwant Anmol and Arunendra Soni, got unveiled today)

Thanks, Yogendra Uttam, Deepak Swarnkar, Subhash Katiyar Nirmal Singh, Anubhav Tiwari, Varun Dwivedi, Alok Agnihotri, Atul Singh, Pavitra Pandey, Mahima Dubey, Nicko Bhatia, Diksha Tripathi, Mahendra Uttam, Suraj JaiswalAnurag Mishra, Hariom Sharma,Manish Kumar, Shashank Soni, Deepak Kashyap and everyone of TEAM UCI.

Special Thanks to Adwitiya Verma ( Ms. India Teen) for her special appearance. also to Yashbhaan Singh Tomar jee Suresh Sachan  Bhaiya, Shailendra Uttam Bhaiya, for being present during the unveiling of the book.

And last but not the least Anchor Amit Sharma you rocked as always.


Airforce Selection

Place: Uttam Career Institute Pvt Ltd, Kidwai Nagar Kanpur

Selection in Airforce 2017